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My ceramics are the purest expression of how I live my life. I use everything I see, touch and taste as inspiration. In their playful and tactile qualities, my pieces reflect  my natural appetite for freedom and connection to the present moment. As a professional pastry chef, trained and certified by the FCI in New York City,

I feel a strong connection between making pastry and shaping clay.

Both are naturally similar and endlessly satisfying processes.

I draw deep pleasure from watching people’s unabashed reactions to my pieces. My floating balloons-in varying sizes, colors and levels of inflatedness-seem to trigger positive childhood memories. I’ve come to realize they have the potential to capture a person’s fleeting, happy memory and render it timeless.

I travel a lot, I visit galleries and museums,

I wander down streets, I cook and bake and post a lot about that,

I explore and I share what I find-be it real life objects, new flavors, and anything made with authenticity and heart.


02 my balloons


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Sivan Sternbach
Sivansballoons Studio
28 Yehuda Hamacabi St. Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone. +972.54.4567765
E.mail: sivansternbach@gmail.com


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